My guess on the fate of Symbian

According to the blog "The Really Mobile Project" Nokia is going to replace Symbian with Maemo on the high-end smartphones.

While Maemo looks quite cool I think this isn't the end of Symbian. Instead it might become the end for S40 since my guess is that Nokia will start to use Symbian for mid-range and - in the long term - for low-end phones. (Although I don't expect it to power ultra-low-cost phones like the 2330 anytime soon.)  Both market segments are not suitable for a heavy-weight like Maemo.

This makes a lot of sense since Nokia invested a lot of money into the platform and Symbian might be much more future-prove than the proprietary S40 platform.

Beside that Symbian (S60) is still one of the best platforms to run J2ME on.

Maemo: It will have to compete with Android and iPhone. I don't know if it will really gain momentum.

But only time will tell.

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