Video on Android

Before I started working on the app Device Video Maker I haven't used much of Android's media api. That app let's you capture the screen and create a nice video with the screen capture rendered into a device frame together with custom text. I was surprised that quite few articles are there on the web. I think the api documentation is pretty good but to be honest I had overseen a lot of details from there and I had to learn things the hard way. E.g. that CSD thing puzzled me a lot and the errors you will see in your logs when you do something wrong are very confusing and cryptic. That's a bad experience when developing such an app. One of the best resources (beside the api documentation - you should read that carefully) is Big Flake - it helped me a lot. It's not that easy to understand everything since it references mainly CTS code and code that at least looks like CTS code. But it should definitely be your second stop after the api docs.