Hello, Android

Although Android was very appealing to me from the start I hesitated to play with it. Until now.

First I installed the SDK and was amazed by the plethora of possibilities. Compared to the quite limited J2ME world Android felt like pure freedom. I was so amazed that I bought myself a G1 from Ebay immediately.

I still have to explore a lot of the possibilities Android offers but I have seen enough to say I really like it.

I still like J2ME because it's still challenging to create useful software in such a constrained environment but it's amazing how much one can do on Android with quite a few lines of code.

The only problem with Android is the amount of apps which are already available on the Android Market. I found a solution for everything I needed up to now. While that is nice for the users it's problematic for developers. Creating something new is really hard. But you can always try to create a better app than the others.

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