My two favorite programming related books

There are a lot of programming related books available. Some are good, some are - well - not so good.

But there are two books that I really, really like.

There was nothing totally new in there for me but I personally agree with 99% of everything the author says. It's not a book that teaches you how to write code but it tells you how to write good code. My favorite  statement is that software development is a craft, not a science and that's what I ever believed. The only problem was that it seemed that nobody else was thinking the same. But fortunately the craftsmanship thing is now quite popular and we all know by now that we should be proud of being a good craftsman. There clearly is a demand for computer science but software development is something totally different. So in my opinion: "software development != computer science". And this book helps you to become a good craftsman.

I think it's much more low level than the other book. If "Clean Code" is about writing good code this book is just about writing code that actually works. It's a lot of stuff that everyone should already know but I think it's good to have a book like this. While you are reading the book you always think "Hey, I recall this one".

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